We Turn Ideas



Great Ideas are Just the Beginning

At Z-Poynt Systems, we perform full-service Engineering/Management Consulting.  We specialize in turning ideas into profitable realities.  We know that engineering leadership cannot be separated from business management and foresight in today’s interconnected and fast-moving technical landscape.  Focusing on the engineering challenges of communications, RF/microwave/fiber optic systems and satellite payloads, we bring to bear our business start-up mindset to the problems of design, qualification, manufacturing, and profitability.  Whether you have a new product concept within a fortune-500 firm or a new startup idea, we provide leadership from specification and analysis to business development and management. Our focus is the high-tech lifecycle of design, manufacture, and marketing of RF, microwave, and fiber optic systems in the areas of communications, electronic warfare, and satellite payload equipment.

Markets We Serve



Electronic Warfare 

Satellite Payload Equipment


Engineering Expertise


RF/Microwave/Fiber Optic System Design and Analysis

Manufacturing Processes and Planning

Product Qualification Planning and Execution

Failure Analysis

Reliability Engineering

Business Acumen

Proven Founder and Leader of Multiple Successful Startups

Program and Risk Management

Technical, Financial, and Strategic planning

Competitive Analysis

Proposal Writing and Contract Negotiation

Aerospace/Defense Contracting